Technical Services Specialist, Ingredient and Specification

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The technical services specialist, ingredient and specifications, is responsible for the management of vendor raw material specifications, coordination of religious certifications, technical/regulatory data and maintenance of JBSS raw material information systems and the maintenance of JBSS technical information systems, maintenance of formula and specification database.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contacts and maintains communication with vendors to request original and updated RMIF forms through TraceGains. Ensures completeness and accuracy of information received. Works closely with procurement and R&D to ensure requests for RMIF and other vendor information are timely.
  • Manages all JBSS product specifications in QAD across all customers and all channels. Manages product specifications in customer owned databases where applicable.
  • Finalize the review and approval of all the finished good items information across all the databases.
  • Coordinate Religious Certifications (i.e. Kosher & Halal)
  • Organizes, maintains, sorts, and updates all technical services documentation coming into Trace Gains.
  • Assists in the revision of, as needed, ingredient statement and specifications for all branded and private label products to comply with federal, state, customer, and company food labeling regulations and requirements.
  • Enters technical services data into QAD and Product Vision for raw material data.
  • Maintains Product Vision database by adding/updating raw material information.
  • Assists in the preparation of samples for nutrition testing (track productions, collect samples, etc.).
  • Assists with other projects as assigned involving raw materials, vendors, and customer requests.
  • Responsible for manufacturing, distributing, and consistently maintaining safe and quality food by following good manufacturing practices, allergen controls, food defense, HACCP, SQF, and regulatory requirements.
  • Aware and accountable for maintaining and documenting preventative controls necessary to ensure food safety and quality.
  • Responsible for immediately reporting all food safety and quality issues to management.
  • Responsible for partnering with others, sharing knowledge, skills, and information within assigned team and across functional areas.
  • Responsible for enhancing technical and functional competencies, as well as professional and leadership development.


Education, Experienced, and Knowledge:

  • Bachelor's degree in food science, food technology, or related field preferred.
  • Minimum three years experience in quality assurance, product development, or technical services (regulatory, labeling, product specification development, formula development, Kosher coordination) in the food industry.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Demonstrated ability to manage technical projects
  • Highly proficient in utilizing computer software (Microsoft Office, Product Vision)
  • Capable of positively interactive with other employees, customers, and upper management.

Job Specific Requirements:

In the event that the technical services specialist, ingredient and specifications is absent, the department manager is responsible for providing an equally qualified person to cover this position.