Order Puller

Job ID


The Order Puller accurately picks orders from pick tickets.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Obtains pick tickets from shipping office.
  • Accuratelys pick the correct order.  Cross checks what is being picked against the pick ticket.
  • Is responsible for the accurate use and proper care of computerized radio control hand-held scanning equipment.
  • Verifies item number, quantity, weight, and pack dates.  Checks item selected for damage or bad appearance.
  • Counts items on pallet for accuracy and place card on pallet before sending on dock.
  • Fills out order analysis of paperwork properly.
  • Scans product with R/F scanner on all pallet moves and communicate item discrepancies to Supervisor.
  • Helps maintain a clean and organized warehouse including sweeping.
  • Maintains forklift in good working condition including filling out a daily forklift checklist.
  • Observes safety rules, G.M.P.’s and attend appropriate training.
  • Is responsible for manufacturing, distributing and consistently maintaining safe and quality food by following good manufacturing practices, allergen controls, food defense, HACCP and SQF requirements.
  • Is responsible for immediately reporting all food safety and quality issues to your manager.
  • Is responsible for partnering with others; Sharing knowledge, skills and information within your team and across functional areas.
  • Is responsible for enhancing technical and functional competencies, as well as professional and leadership development.



  • High School graduate or equivalent preferred.
  • One plus years forklift experience required.
  • Forklift license or certification.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English.
  • Basic math skills required.


Job Specific Requirements:


In the event that the Order Puller is absent, the Department Manager is responsible for providing an equally qualified person to cover this position.